All racing is 1/4 mile sportsman tree. Friday the 15th will be tech, test & tune, and qualifying. Saturday will be eliminations. 

Exhibition and "Fun Runs" will also be run both Friday & Saturday and will be HEADS UP racing!!!

Dot Stock: - All steel body. No fiberglass panels of any kind. No missing parts. Must be completely street legal. DOT approved tires, full street trim, full interior, lights etc.. No Trans brakes, no delay boxes, no two steps or add on shifting units. Foot brake only. Open Exhaust welcomed! Full NHRA rules apply. 

Junior Eliminator: - 11.00 and slower. Full body. Fiberglass hood or one piece front clip allowed. May run without front bumper, Open headers welcomed! Any tire may be run. Trans brake/foot brake only. Two steps and air/electric shifting units allowed. Full NHRA rules apply.

Top Eliminator: - 10.99 and faster (just like NHRA super pro). Anything goes as long as it's safe and NHRA legal. Delay boxes, trans brake, foot brake, air/electric shifting units are all OK.  All fiberglass panels allowed. Full race interior set up. If it passes NHRA tech, it qualifies. Full NHRA rules apply.

Gasser Challenge: Heads up, first one to the finish line wins. Any and all “gasser” type cars will be permitted. Cars must be stock ride height or higher, no lowered cars of any kind (any and all other discretion will be left solely to the race director). Anything else, goes! Full NHRA Rules. “Quick 16” style field with qualifying on Friday, and early Saturday during designated qualifying sessions ONLY. Racers will be laddered first round. Non-qualifying cars will be run off heads-up, no ladder for a trophy.

Fun Runs: - Exactly what it says. Go have some fun with your ride. Setup a race with your buddy or just make a 1/4 mile pass down the strip for the rush of it. It's all for fun. Anything goes as long as it's safe and legal. No trophies or cash prizes, just a chance to run your toy. Make as many passes as you want during the times fun runs are called.  

NHRA Rules for the Western Invasion

For all full-bodied cars running between 7.50 (*4.50) and 13.99 (*8.59) in place of a cross member located behind but within 6 inches of the center of the front universal joint: A front driveshaft loop is required on all cars, except vehicles running 11.49 (*7.35) seconds or slower equipped with street tires

A quick-release, 3-inch-minimum-width driver restraint system, with a 2-inch crotch strap, meeting SFI Spec 16.1 or a 2 inch minimum-width driver restraint system, with a 2-inch crotch strap meeting SFI Spec 16.5 is mandatory in all cars in competition required by the rules to have a roll bar or a roll cage.  See Class Requirements.

As outlined under Class Requirements, drivers in all classes must wear a helmet meeting Snell or SFI Specifications.  Full-face helmet mandatory on all cars 9.99 or quicker. See individual Class Requirements for additional requirements. Shield mandatory 7.49 and quicker.  Drivers of NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and E.T. cars (13.99 or quicker) must use a helmet meeting Snell SA2005.

NHRA Helmet Expiration Dates : Must be valid dated helmet.

No more than one person is permitted in any car during any run. An exception will be made for one co-driver to be permitted in 14-second (*8.60) and slower E.T. cars. Co-driver must be a minimum of 16 years old.

If no specific Protective Clothing requirements are stated for a particular class, then the minimum requirements are as follows:full-length pants; short- or long-sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks. No shorts. No bare legs. No bare torsos. No tank tops. No open-toe or open-heel shoes or sandals. Synthetic clothing not recommended. For unaltered full-bodied OEM vehicles with an unaltered fuel system using ethanol or methanol and unleaded gasoline fuel blends such as E-85 or gasohol the Protective Clothing requirements are the same as those for gasoline. See Class Requirements.

All cars not required by Class Requirements to use SFI 16.1 driver restraint systems must be equipped with an accepted quick-release-type driver seat belt. Belts must be securely fastened to the frame, cross member, or reinforced mounting so that all fittings are in a direct line with the direction of pull. Seat belts may not be wrapped around lower frame rails. Steel castings of the type recommended by FAA or U-bolt-type mounts are permitted. If used for installation, flat steel plates must be a minimum of 1/4-inch thickness and have rounded edges to prevent cutting seat belts. Under no circumstances can belts be installed with bolts through webbing. In all cars with fiberglass floors, a cross member (minimum 2-inch x 2-inch x .083-inch wall thickness square tubing) must be installed between frame rails for proper driver’s seat-belt installation.

For complete rules, please see the NHRA Rulebook

Packet pickup & registration for show cars is from noon-7pm at the Doubletree on Thursday.  Drag Racers, Vendors & Swap Meet, please go directly to Famoso starting at 9am on Thursday.  Arrivinng Friday or later?  Go straight to Famoso.


Winner receives

Trophy & $500

Runner Up receives

Trophy & $250