Our Promise:

The American Tri-Five Association was founded in 2015 out of our love of Tri-Five Chevys.  We see this organization as the natural next chapter in the promotion and preservation of the most iconic American cars ever built.  1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolets made an impact on American car culture the day they rolled off the assembly lines over 60 years ago.  Generations have cherished these cars and trucks over the years, and we understand that other national clubs have existed during that time.  While other organizations lost their way and grouped other models and years of cars, we made a very simple pledge when we founded the American Tri-Five Association.  We pledge that if we ever stray from ONLY 55-57 Chevys that we would refund any membership dues that have ever been paid!

Over 5,000 lovers of these great vehicles have joined the American Tri-Five Association, and we hope that if you haven't, you will give us a try.  If you love these car as much as we do, you will fit in great!  Members receive 9 issues of our magazine, The American Tri-Five, the magazine is chock full of tech articles, historical data, event coverage, member's only feature cars and much, much more.  Members also receive FREE Shipping on parts from Woody's Hot Rodz, monthly discounts on parts from Danchuk, and discounted entry to the largest Tri-Five event in the world, the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals, each August.